That picture is what it feels like when you’re unhappy. When you’re not happy with where you are in life.  I wasn’t happy with my situation. A place that from the outside seemed good. I had a job of 13 years with a large successful company. Lived in a nice house in a good neighborhood. But it was a Nightmare. I had no passion for life. No drive to be more. I literally felt like I would rather Cut off My Foot!!  Then deal with this life and the way things were going. The inspiration was completely gone. I had built up this Comfort Zone because I thought it would make me happy. The happy dream was killing me. Living in this comfort zone was stressful. I was depressed a lot and didn’t want to let anyone else know. I thought it would be too much of a burden. Why bother other people with my personal issues. I was just going through the motions.

In the city I live I don’t have a lot of family. The few members I’m around couldn’t be more different. Like day and night. They both have health issues. I’ll call them A & B. Person ‘A’ wouldn’t let anything stop them. They had an unshakable belief. They tried and did live their life to the fullest. At least within their means. Person ‘B’ always saw the negative in every situation. This person had a cynical way of viewing life. They had trouble throughout their life and saw themselves as the Victim. They were too scared to change their life.  Know this, Negative people are Misunderstood.  While life wasn’t all that great for me, I found inspiration in person A. They inspired me to want to make a change and not have the Hopeless feelings that affected me.  It took a long time to realize I had to take Ownership of my life.  I had to find the Purpose. Why was I here?  What did I have to Offer? This was and would be a Major change in my life. It was clear I had to do something but, I didn’t know what?

I had a friend (Sue) ask for assistance with a project she was doing. Sue knew an artist but the artist didn’t have any connections to get their art seen by the public. Sue wanted to help this artist because she believed in his talent. The project was to get the artist more notoriety. Sue asked me to help because I’m good at gathering and providing information. Sue knew I would exhaust all options and come back with a thorough layout.

And this is Where my Life would be Changed Forever

I jumped into the task and came up with a lot of good options for the artist. I found out all the necessary steps he should take to progress his career. It didn’t take long and I provided everything I had to Sue. Several weeks went by and I inquired to Sue about the Artist. I asked whether the information was helpful and what he was doing? Sue told me the Artist said, he wasn’t ready and didn’t want to change his life at this point. I thought WOW!!  I guess you can’t help people until they’re ready for it. You can’t be more excited for someone than they are for themselves. Lesson Learned.

But the great part was, Sue had helped me and she didn’t know it. While investigating for the Artist I came across a person and community that believed in helping people change their life.  As I read more and more about this person and community I knew it was life changing.

It’s funny how you don’t know what you’re looking for until you find it.  I got involved with the community and knew the direction I wanted from my life. I had found the drive. The passion was back. I had found my purpose. The Path. On the flip side, I had to deal with the Unfulfilling Job and the Misery it brought.  While dealing with that I lost the one person who inspired me. Person ‘A’ from earlier in the story. This was devastating. Shortly after their death, I lost my job. Then my home. I didn’t know what to do. I was in a rough place in life.

Professionally and Personally disappointed. In the new community, I was a part of, the founder had written a book. In the book, he talks about his trials and hardship on the way to success. He mentioned it took him over 1 and half years before he had a breakthrough and up until that point, he had thought about quitting. He talked about being a huge success and then almost losing it all on his death bed, only to make another come back. Those stories and life lessons stuck with me. I knew what I had to do. Get out of my Comfort Zone. Life wasn’t going to happen to me or for me. I had to Create the Life I wanted.  I was inspired to start my own business. I wanted to be the inspiration for others. Those who are scared to make a change. Those who are stuck and don’t know what to do or who to turn to. I want to be the person they identify with. I was in there place not long ago. I know what it’s like. I want to inspire Entrepreneurs. I had found my Destiny.

The first community lead me to another group of like minded people. Between the two I started a business where I can be a guiding light to people who find themselves in a dark place in life. That is a Scary Road. A road that can be lonely. My goal is to find and help people. Let them know they’re not alone. I’ve been right where they are. And I’ll be with them on their Journey to Success. Their breakthrough is only a thought or question away. It won’t take them long to breakthrough, if they have someone who’s been there and can show them the steps to change their life. I’ve Failed a lot of times. It didn’t Kill me or Stop me. It made Me Stronger. Reach out to Me Today. I can Help You. You are Not Alone.  Don’t be like the guy in the picture..  GET STARTED TODAY



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