The current tough economy and lack of jobs has left a common question in the mind of many people – How can I make money online?  Nowadays the Internet offers many legitimate ways and opportunities.  Everyone with a computer can make money on the Internet.  Whether you have money to start a business or not, there are many choices.

As the Internet continues to evolve, so do the opportunities to earn online.  Below are 10 ways on how to make money online.  All you need to implement the ideas is a computer, an Internet connection and a positive attitude.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing allows you make money selling products from various company or individuals.  After registering with the program you’re provided marketing materials for your advertising and promotions.   Every time someone clicks your affiliate link and makes a purchase, you make a commission from the company.

CPA Marketing
This is very similar to affiliate marketing in the sense that you manage the prospects on the seller’s website. But unlike affiliate marketing, this method doesn’t require a money transaction. You just take action. The action can be as simple as entering the email address or zip code in the seller’s web form and you are paid.


If you have a Select Skill or Experience in a certain field, there’s an excellent opportunity to engage in freelance work. The Internet offers you a wide market to sell your services.

There are many freelance sites with clients looking for a variety of skills.  Some include Copyists, Creative designers, Linguists, Internet designers, Marketing and Advertising specialists, Financial and Legal professionals plus a lot more.  Even new college graduates can find projects on the Internet that match their skills and earn a good income.

Create a Website or Make a Blog

A Blog is a chronologically based website, filled with articles, reviews.  You can sell advertising and do affiliate marketing with a blog to make money. By sharing your knowledge, hobbies, experiences and interests, you can create a successful website or blog with a small amount of investment.

You do not even need to be a webmaster, geek or techie to create your own blog or website. There are Content Management Systems (CMS) that make the process easier.  Just identify a niche market that suits you and share your passion in the blog.

By owning your website or blog, you can easily earn money by selling your own items or advertising space.  There are no restrictions on the amount of income you can make on your own blog or website.  All you need to do is to ensure your blog or website has a lot of traffic.

Selling Domain Names

The field of Selling Domain names and Websites is becoming a big business and still has a lot of room for growth.  If you buy a nice, relevant domain name, you can sell it later and make a small fortune.

Produce Your Own Digital Product.

Another great idea to make money is to create and sell your own digital product. A digital product can be instantly downloaded to their computer. Digital products are easy to create.  Here are a few ideas: e-books, videos, webinars and online learning course.

Once it is produced, it can be re-sold, multiple times and you retain 100% of the profit. There are many themes to choose from with the Digital Product.  Once it’s created and has your personal brand, you’re read to sell and make money.

Online Games
If you know how to play popular games or you’re good at online gaming.  You can make money online. This program allows you to choose your game and your opponent on the network.

The money you make is based on the money agreed upon by you and your opponent. There are tournaments held and offer huge prizes to winners.   They can be tough because you’ll be competing with players around the world.

Online Auction

The Internet can be a good way to sell items you no longer use and generate income.  ebay is one of the biggest auction sites out there where you can sell such items.  Online auctioning is a good way to make money online if you have some reselling rights of digital products like eBooks. With Re-selling Rights you can legally sell licensed material and products.

Paid Online Survey

There are survey companies and websites that need people to conduct surveys. Some of them pay cash and are a great way to supplement your income.


Forex Trading

The risk is high.  You’re required to deposit money into your account opened through a Forex Broker company. Then you buy and sell currencies online to make a profit.  The prices are constantly changing.  One poor forecast can lead to losses. Therefore, getting involved in Forex trading requires a good research in this area and a long-term practice before going into it.


The Internet is an excellent platform for finding alternative sources for obtaining income.  There’s a vast market of products and services.  The chance to make money is unlimited, but the likelihood of being scammed is also great.  Please exercise extreme caution when negotiating, transacting or making business decisions over the Internet.



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