With the increasing popularity of Internet Marketing and Online businesses lots of people are attracted to the online industry.  But, according to various studies most online marketers fail within the first few months.  Even with the best online opportunities success is never a guarantee.  Some important reasons for failure are discussed here.  With my years of experience and evaluating I want to help you avoid the pot holes.  Information is the bridge to currency and excitement as you build a successful online business.

Shortage of Commitment:  Most people have an idea of what it will take to start an online business. Knowing that a certain amount of work will be required.  If you’re not committed to making a change it will be hard to follow through. Waiting for the Perfect time, only wastes time and momentum. There is no perfect time.  Commit to what you want and Take Action.

Improper Planning:  We’ve all heard before, failing to plan is planning to fail. Even unique ideas can not be fruitful if you have no plan to implement them. If you research and plan your business before starting it you can save lots of money and your most precious commodity time. View and edit the plan as progress is made. This will help you take advantage of new ideas.

No Knowledge of Target Clients:  Knowing your ideal customer and where to find them is the most important part of business. Creating a customer and keeping a customer. Before starting your Online Business you should know who you want to help. Your message should address the needs of your ideal customer. It will also help in maintaining your website, your marketing strategy and social media platforms used to attract your target clients.

Lack of Online Visibility: If they can’t see you, how can they come for help? Increasing your online visibility will let clients know you’re the answer to their questions. Good SEO can put you in their line of sight. Get the proper training or hire a professional. The SEO professional will use relevant images, keywords and videos to make your website more attractive and connect to your ideal clients.

Not Hiring Professionals to Improve Conditions:  Some Online Marketers try to cover all the bases themselves for various reasons but usually to save money. Not hiring an experienced professional can delay your success and make the journey longer. Their trained eye and expert techniques give you a competitive edge. Saving you a lot of time and money. Hiring a Virtual Assistance can be the best investment you’ll ever make as an Owner. They allow you to manage specific areas and delegate tasks. While they’re accountable for the assigned job, you can focus taking your business to the next level.  You are building a trusted team member and adding value to your company.

Comparison with Others:  People usually compare their online business with others to get motivated or to gauge results. Such comparisons are a danger to your business, your goals and your overall momentum. They can create a negative feeling and cause doubtful feedback. Your creativity can suffer. Increasing your concerns and worries. Avoid comparing your business results and keep your awareness on resolving the needs of your clients and customers.  Proof will be in the comments you receive and the service you’re giving them. This is your measuring stick.  Compete to provide the best experience. If you do, there truly is no comparison.

Failure can happen for a number of reasons. Don’t be a statistic. 4 out 5 fail in Internet Marketing for a mixture of reasons.  A lack of knowledge and training is something you can control. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and seek guidance. Remember the Only True Failure is Quitting. Never Ever Give UP.


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