Internet marketing is one of the most challenging yet rewarding ways of making money online. Whether you own a blog, run a service website or you’re selling products online.  Email marketing can help you generate a lot of extra income.


Recently I was asked if having an email list still a valid way of making money online?  In a digital era, the answer is an emphatic YES.  Email is by far the most used channel of communication today.  There are currently more than 4.6 billion email addresses in the world and an estimated 144.8 billion emails are sent every day.  Studies show that you can make up to $44 and more for every single dollar you invest in email marketing.  Now that may not seem to lucrative. Possibly even less than you thought.  But trust me, there is real value happening.


Things You Should Know Before Venturing Into Email Marketing


Creating an email list and growing it consistently is a great way to generate income online. However, you should be aware that a large percentage of subscribers want value and ways to transform their life.  Affiliates must create a connection. It’s important to understand that most people on your mail list want to BUY from you and hate to be SOLD to.

So what then?  Well, you should focus on personally engaging the readers and subscribers.  Building stronger relationship with them and providing additional value to their needs.  For instance, you can send a uniquely crafted email to every new subscriber.  If possible, give them an opportunity to introduce themselves.  This way, they know it’s a real person addressing them and will naturally inquire more about your products and services.


Proven Ways to Make Money with Email Marketing 


Once you’ve created your email list and insured the built-in value.  The next stage is to determine your engagement process. At this stage the main focus is on creating content relevant to your Target Audience. Speaking to their frustrations and problems.  Craft your message perfectly to your niche or product and you won’t have a problem monetizing your list.

  1. Expand Your Email List

Numbers don’t lie. Having more subscribers on your list will give you leverage to generate more income online. So make the most out your opt-in pages, landing pages and  bonus incentives. Craft your email subscription pop-up and website content wisely.  Make it irresistible to sign up for your newsletter service.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is win-win situation.  You earn money and provide vaule to your subscribers with products and services.  Your list trusts you to help them resolve their problems and assist with their needs. The offer is the answer to their questions.

Note: Don’t SPAM your list if you really want to make a positive impact on the prospective buyer.

One of the best ways you can introduce an affiliate product is by writing a review on your blog or describing your experience in using the product. You can send the link of the post to your list to view and judge.  If done properly, affiliate marketing can allow you to generate enormous commissions on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

  1. Sell Your Own Product(s)

If you have a large audience behind you, introducing your own product (relevant to the needs of the list) can be a great idea.  Here, it’s all about digging into the data and understanding your list better.  What are their struggles?  Which product can really fix their problems?  What can your product do that’s different? Analyse your data and take what you have to careful build a product for the market.

You can start by sending them some valuable free tutorials, reports, eBooks and more.  Afterwards, you can introduce them to your product or training program. Since you’ve established a relationship and trust.  You won’t have a problem selling to your list.

  1. Sell Sponsor Ads

The Sponsored Ads Marketplace is Ad Exchange Network.  A marketer, website owner, ad-seller or partner agrees to promote in exchange for payment based on Cost-Per-Impression or Cost-Per-Click.  For instance, when advertising a sponsor’s offer, you add a link that leads to their official website.

Depending on the size of your list and the reactions generated.   You can make a reasonable amount of income, especially when working with big companies and/or organizations.

The real key to success online and making money is taking action. Implement your ideas, test and continue to work.


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