Are you working alone?  Are you a team of one running a small business?  Whether you have a home-based business or work as an independent contractor.  I have some tips to help you stay motivated?  Working alone is not a difficult task. For some it’s often more enjoyable than being part of any traditional Institution.  By prioritizing the most important things and planning your schedule in advance.  You can gain an advantage and see the full potential of this self-governed freedom.


  1. Working Smart

Smart working will be a key factor to success.  There’s a difference between being productive and being busy.  If you’re unable to prioritize you’ll be easily distracted.  It’s vital to make a balance between your personal and professional life.  Instead of working hard to earn more, concentrate on smart working.  Working Smart means better productivity. Being productive is finding the best way to achieve success.

Utilize your time and work efficiently.  Avoid unnecessary tasks.  Minimize time wasted.  Focus on daily goals in simple to understand steps.  This will allow you to work in less than desirable conditions and flourish in prime conditions.  Take short breaks to increase your overall mood and maintain focus.


  1. Be a Pro

Being a Professional means establishing business etiquette and standards. It doesn’t matter if you work alone or with a group, you need to be a pro.  Respect your profession. Your professionalism should never be compromised.  Express your uniqueness and don’t sacrifice integrity.  Take pride in your work and give yourself the flexibility to produce.  Many things will determine the success of your business.  Never sacrifice being a professioinal.


  1. Step Away

How you define Me time or time for yourself is personal preference, but this can be a challenge for people working alone. It’s possible to dedicate your entire time to work.  Knowing when to step away and turn off will help your health and relationships.  In addition to taking short breaks, spend a few minutes on the things that bring you joy and make you smile.  Structure your times for work to maximize your alertness and energy.


  1. Proper Environment

Possibly the most critical of all the tips is proper environment.  Work must be done in a work environment. The area should be clearly defined.  Setup for business level production and comfortable work conditions.  When your work day is done you can easily transition to a different area.  Well established boundaries will lessen conflicts. Working alone is not about shutting yourself off from the world.  It’s appreciating you have the control to create balance and stay happy.


  1. Join a Group

The reward of being your own Boss is creating a support group.  You can network with like-minded people.  Make new friends and expand your ideas. Search your local community and Social media for places to meet and group events. This is a great way to meet new clients and build additional opportunities. Create a support network where you share advice, helpful thoughts and provide a place where others can learn.

These tips have helped me run a successful business and build a strong network.

Happiness is true success.  Being your Own Boss, you get a chance to create both. Happiness and Success.


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