As a kid I liked music.  I liked to see people dance and have fun.  These times were the best.  Time seemed like it was standing still and moving fast all at once.  Lots of laughs and smiles. Everyone enjoying the rhythm. Life seemed so care free.

As I grew older I started to understand what I wanted out of life and it was to be happy and see people smile. Happiness for me would come in the sports.  I was on a team my Aunt coached and we went undefeated several seasons in a row.  It was great because we would get Dairy Queen after each game.  They were our sponsor and would reward us with each win.  So it was like we owned Dairy Queen because we never lost and everything was Free.

That constant winning created a feeling in me I’ll never forget. When you have fun, practice, believe in what you do, and take action. The results will show. That was our “Winning Formula”.

To me that’s the winning formula for life. Have Fun. Practice, work on your craft. Believe in what you do, Self confidence / Self Esteem and Take Action.

I’ve failed a lot of times in life. I’ve lost a lot of people.  Friends and family that were very important to me. Through all the pain and disappointment I never lost faith. In my darkest hour, there was the belief that I will be stronger from this point on. Knowing I had something I could rely on. My winning formula.

Having a winning formula doesn’t guarantee success. I knew this first hand. I also knew with a strong work ethic success won’t be that far off.
Growing a business is hard and very challenging if you don’t know what to do.  I’ve worked in Corporate America.  No one person can do everything and be successful. It requires team work.
I know that team work and a winning formula will help me get to the next level.  When all parts are working together, they can overcome the greatest of challenges.

I’ve worked with the Top People in this Industry. Travelled the World. Attended Mastermind Seminars. Elite Earner Mentoring and Training. All of this to be the Best at what I do.

What’s Important to me is to give back.  To show by Example that making a change can be the hardest thing in life to do but if you have a Winning Formula and work ethic, anything is possible.
It is My Mission to create a change in the lives of others. I want to help as many people as possible. I know I will complete my mission.  I have the one thing I can’t wait to show everyone.  The Winning Formula!!

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