I decided years ago to start working for myself as an Internet marketer.  I can tell you it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.  Undoubtedly, all people who are interested in starting an online business or those who already have an online business need to grow to truly prosper.

If you are undecided or do not know much about Affiliate Internet or Network marketing. The information below will be useful and help eliminate any doubts.  Both industries share similarities but the approach is different.

Internet (affiliate) marketing is based on conversions. Mastering the marketing metrics that drive sales. Getting the right message to the perfect audience.

Network marketing is about building relationships. Through the relationships everyone efforts are compounded. You’re working as an individual and group for the same goal.

The Commission

For affiliate marketing, this is a key advantage, every time someone makes a purchase, you receive an established commission.

Huge Audience

By creating various marketing lists or websites, you ensure the traffic sent to the seller is qualified and sales are made.  Gain access to a wider audience with interesting products and services.


Choose a company and register. Verify your affiliate information and get the marketing media. After the additional links and sites are created.  Maintain and manage.

Brand visibility

Don’t limit your possibilities. Be wise when working with a variety of brands. You will find that you get a lot more work if you can produce results. Free brand advertising is never bad.  If there are a lot of affiliates working to promote, you will soon see a higher ranking in search engines and online sales.

The Internet Market

There’s an infinite number of affiliate programs and the demand for online stores is increasing.  The potential revenue for affiliates is huge. Once you gain access to your desired market. Start building your partnership. Choose a niche with a high demand, a lot of interest and known buyers.


If you become successful in the world of Internet marketing, it’s possible to create long-term passive income. You can work from anywhere in the world. All you need is a PC and Wi-Fi connection.

Why Consider Network Marketing?

The reason is very simple.  The opportunity provides Americans with what they want; control of their time and financial capabilities, in proportion to their abilities and efforts.

With the right network marketing business, the advantages and benefits can be enormous. This can be an unlimited financial opportunity.

Employees and debt

Instead of having employees working under one roof, network marketing allows you to build a team from various locations.  This concept gives an incentive and opportunity to multiply, plus duplicate without any problems associated with traditional businesses!  No complex administrative procedures.

What is Network Marketing?

When you buy a product or service, usually more than 50% of the retail value is associated with marketing!  With network marketing, the products are delivered directly to the customer.

Are the Products less expensive?

There’s an added benefit of paying a little less.  Suppose you sold the product to yourself.  In exchange, the company paid you 50% commission or a discount. You saved 50% off the products. This can save you a few bucks. Although saving money is important, the concept of making money on products that we already buy is much more interesting.

The Concept is to Redistribute the Marketing Dollar!

Imagine a network of thousands of customers buying quality products or services every month. You get a few dollars a month for each customer! Remember that these are products or services that we all already buy.  This is money that is usually paid to others. The concept provides an opportunity for redistribution of wealth to you and me, the consumer!

How does it work?

In network marketing, there are customers, as well as independent representatives.  Customers can also be independent representatives. Unlike traditional business, each independent representative is given the opportunity and responsibility both for attracting clients and other independent representatives. Each independent representative is the owner, president and vice president of marketing for his network marketing activities.

Network marketing is a of word of mouth business.  By spreading the word, the network marketer identifies others who want to be a client or an independent representative with their own business.  Through this process of duplication and multiplication, every business owner can recruit and sponsor several clients.  Independent representatives as a result, create a significant organization of consumers and marketers.


How many people did you tell about your favorite restaurant or movie?  People talk about what they enjoy. The same is true for any product or service.  It’s not about being paid. It’s about providing value and sharing your experience.  We are already talking to customers every day!  It’s just that most of us don’t get paid for it.

In network marketing, the client / independent representatives receive revenue for “marketing” products for the company.  We receive compensation on duplicate activity.  As well as additional opportunities and reward structures for leadership!  It’s important to find a good connection with the right company.  The earning potential in network marketing is huge.  Master your abilities and efforts to unlock unlimited potential!

Choosing a secure Business opportunity

The real challenge is finding the best network marketing opportunity for you.  Without experience in the industry, it’s almost impossible to choose the winner on the first try!  Sometimes having experience can be misleading as well.  As in the case of traditional business, there are good opportunities and bad opportunities.  Unfortunately, many people allow their emotions to make the judgment.  Instead, use research and due diligence to make a wise choice.

Only you know your true desire. It’s up to you to find the best fit for you.  The options are limitless.


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