Success is almost an overused word.  Everybody has a way to be more successful.  What really makes a success or not?  Can it come down to one word?  Something as small as five letters and you?  What’s made the difference for me has been the ability to Grow On All Levels.

Success demands hard work, planning, and patience.  Every great achievement was part of a plan.  Hard work is the laborious joy in pursuit of victory.  Patience ties everything together as you gain experience.  This clear sense of direction requires one thing to work.  Goals.

Goals can be intimidating for all those new to the concept.  However, with a little effort and focus you’ll be on your way.  Write your goals down.  This will help you reference, remember and track your progress. Writing will also help in clearing up any confusion.

Goal setting requires defining and prioritizing your objectives. These objectives can be accomplished according to your schedule.  Spend quality time being specific with your schedule and tasks.  One effective way is assigning priority objectives according to your goals. The objectives related to the important goals will come on the top of the list.

Defining gives direction and purpose.  Know your Why.  Why do you want to accomplish your goals?  Think of how your life will change.  The impact you’ll make on your family and friends.  How you can inspire others to make a change in their lives.  Visualize all the possible benefits.

A big part of effective planning is identifying obstacles.  Take time and factor in things that can prevent you from achieving your goal.  This way you prepare yourself for minor setbacks and problems.

Setting goals are worthwhile when you want to accomplish anything in life.   The follow through will be vital to your success.  The advantages of setting goals may not always be clear.  As you continue to progress, steady changes will occur, and you’ll realize why goals are so important.  They help you grow and improve the quality of your life.  Plus add structure and accountability.

Remember these Quick Six and you’ll be a goal setting machine that gets massive results.

1) Create a Sense of Purpose

Having a clear goal provides a sense of purpose. Something important to focus your efforts on and strive towards.

2) Control of Your Future

Individuals who set goals, control their own lives.  They don’t let things happen to them. Things happen because of them and from them.  They are determined to reach the outcome.  Control and freedom are assets.  Stay in the driver’s seat.

3) Focus on the Real Picture

How vivid is your picture of success?  When you close your eyes can you see it?  Make your goals just as clear. Focus on detailed actions related to accomplishing your goals.

4) Long-term Motivation

Remember your purpose. Remember your aspirations. Dreams don’t happen overnight. Long term success is about fortitude.  Your short-term goals and milestones build on your long-term achievements.  A marathon isn’t won in the first mile.

5) Put on Your Blinders

We cope with an enormous amount of disruption and distraction in our lives.  It’s easy to ignore what’s important to us.  You can reminisce over past failures or pursue the life you desire.  Your actions will define your reality.  Race horses wear blinders for a reason.  To stop distractions.

6) Develop Positive Thinking

Create a positive thinking habit. This habit should put you in a good state of mind and mood. Confidence is very important.  Surround yourself with positive energy.  Create a prosperity group and build a strong environment.  Attitude plays a big part in all aspects of your life.  A positive mindset will propel you to the next level in life and with your goals.

In closing, Success requires us to Grow On All Levels.  G.O.A.Ls create a path to the top. Good luck on your journey.


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